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Our experienced team of Production Accounting experts are ready to assist you with all your production needs. Whether it’s a production that requires an accountant on-site, off-site, prep, shoot, wrap, or all of the above. Our production accounting team is the main ingredient to a successful production. We make sure our services make sense for your production.

menu of services:

  • Prep, Shoot and Post Production Accounting Services
  • Overhead and Development Production Accounting Services
  • Create Production Company Finance Infrastructure (Bank Account set-up, Accounting Software set-up, etc.)
  • Budget Preparation
  • Cash Flow Preparation
  • Tax Credit Preparation (state will dictate CPA filing)
  • Payroll Calculation for Features, Television and Commercials (Union and Non-Union)
  • Payroll Audits (Union and Non-Union)
  • Knowledge of all Production Accounting, Commercial Accounting and Industry Finance Software